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the Long Center, from Inside the Ring

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(an excerpt from the Ballet Austin blog, written by Ballet Austin Company Dancer Michelle Thompson, who is featured in the 1st image below.)

There are so many things that make this production special. The story, the humor, the sets, the music, and the joyful movement are all lovely ingredients for an extremely entertaining evening.

The choreography is filled with quick jumps, swirly spins, humorous gestures, and intricate patterns. Mills’ choreography relates directly to the music, which swoops and swirls around you encouraging you to jump, spin, bend, and run with energy. I am one of the Commedia dancers, and there are very few times of stillness throughout the ballet. The Commedia dancers form intricate patterns and lovely movements, but they also shift the scenes and become part of the narrative that helps drive the story forward. It is important when dancing in a corps de ballet and when moving sets that your timing be precise. Musicality and awareness are essential as you move through the ballet, but all this must be done with a mask on that includes a large beak. So not only do your toes have to be in line, but so does your beak. Ha!

Ballet Austin’s Taming of the Shrew runs Friday, October 7, through Sunday October 7 at the Long Center for the Performing Arts.

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For tickets to Ballet Austin’s Taming of the Shrew, click here.

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